7 SECRETS FOR MEN’S EYES ONLY How To Know When A “Lady” Is Madly In Love With You!


How To Know When A “Lady” Is Madly In Love With You!


Do you desire a woman that is pissing you off? Have you ever loved a woman passionately and felt it was a wasted effort? According to a certain law of science, it is believed that, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!”. If that law is anything to go by, it is impossible to love without it being reciprocated. Whatever you give is what you get! The law of Karma says so too.

Men must know and accept the fact that they are passionate and a lot like wild animals! All we need to do is to understand who or what we are.

It is surprising when women twist men in whatever way they want. A lot of us (men) have become slaves to women and there are those that are comfortable with the position, all because they have attached extraordinary importance to sexual pleasures, which is becoming popular as the highest love need of men!

If we must have relationships with women, it has to be on fair terms, no winner, no vanquished.

Do not waste too much effort and emotions on any woman. Always know and understand that just as the man is from God, for God’s pleasure, so also is the woman from man, for man’s pleasure! All women are playthings for men. And like all other things, there are rules.

The most important rules in any relationship is compatibility, understanding and acceptance.

Whenever a man desires a plaything (woman), serious consideration must be given to the basic rules. Once you make a pick and you are ready to start playing, don’t be anxious about the pleasures and probable fame, if she is a “beauty queen” or a “goddess”. Make sure she is your woman and she adores you more than anything.

* Every woman is attracted to myth. As much as possible, try to mystify yourself and do not forget that drama and poetry are things no woman has power to resist!

* It is often rare for a girl to give in to you immediately you expressed your intention of making her your playmate. She must play hard to get, in order to make the game exciting for both of you, although her thought is often that if she gives in easily, you may not value her. A little bit true, right? Don’t bother much about the games she plays, although sometimes it can be irritating. You will be able to tag along with the irritation if you also play the same game she is playing!

* When your patience starts to wear out and not much is coming out of your efforts, do what we (men) do best, get passionate, declare war!

* This is how you do it. Find a little fault, something excusable and make a serious issue out of it. Make her feel real bad and as much as possible, hurt her in the process. Don’t bother about ethics or conscience, remember, this is war!

* Her reaction will enable you to know the level of her feelings, of which you will be able to determine her strength and willpower. If she feels sorry and begs for forgiveness, she is simply desperate and definitely not your woman, if you make her your permanent plaything, she will be a burden and a bore to you eventually.

* If she simply withdrew from you, because she felt that you have hurt her, and has decided to avoid you, in order not to be hurt again, she is not your woman, even if she loves you, don’t go after her, but if she has aesthetics, take a moment of pleasure with her and dump her.

* If she fights back, thinking she is protecting her pride, take a closer look and you will discover that the reason why she fights back is because she feels too much pain. She believed you loved her so much and you have no right to cause her pain. She will never be on guard when it comes to you, because she thinks you will always be there for her! Your sudden action will trigger fear and anger in her. She may even decide to return a cherished gift you gave her, mute your chats, unfriend you on Facebook and block your calls, just anything she feels might hurt you and keep her pride flying. This type of woman is a lady and your best pick for a playmate. Go after her and whatever you do, don’t ever forget that science law!

Check out this short story;

The Power Bank Trick!
There is this guy who I am on talking terms with, that lives close to my house. He is madly in love with a very beautiful girl, and although they are on playing terms, they have not started an affair, but you need to see them together, even if you are blind, you will be able to feel the vibrations between them.
On the first day of this year, he gave the lady a gift, his first ever! Although it is nothing extraordinary, the powerful emotions that accompanied the gift, which is a small power bank, is like a thousand diamonds! Fortunately for both of them, the day of testing came too soon, just three days later. The girl offended my neighbour such that one could feel tears rushing in his heart, but pride could not let his eyes released it. Being vast in the art of seduction and knowing how she cherished the power bank, he decided to make a wonderful issue out of it.
He got her where he wanted. You need to see her rage. She sent him an SMS that she was returning the power bank and he replied her that he will appreciate the gesture, and she got mad because she expected an apology. Driven by love and anger, she returned it not to his house, but to his friend’s, although her sister and friends tried to stop her, she refused to budge. She muted him on WhatsApp and unfriend him on Facebook. As if that is not enough, she complained bitterly about what he did to her in tears to her closest friends and resolved only to be on greeting terms, but not to avoid him. She called his friend, requested for account number to return all that he has ever spent on her (I wondered why she didn’t offer cash!). She said she doesn’t want him to feel she was after any material thing from him. Hmmmm. The girl is fiercely independent, the type Myles Munroe would have referred to as “being single”.

What is your take on this story? Is there any probability of a future between my neighbour and the proud girl? How long will it take before they start playing again?

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