THE MAD RUSH! “Better One Step At A Time”


Better One Step At A Time


More than half of the people living on earth are seemingly in a haste to achieve one thing or the other.

We no longer cared if anything happened because it has to, at the time it did.

We are always in a rush to get to a place or to complete a task, to which we often bundled because it is difficult to be careful when rushing things, a lot of mistakes tend to occur. It is said that “slow and steady wins the race”. If it is true, why the mad rush? What marks will be scored? Or is participating sufficient enough?

We ought to learn to measure every step we take in life, which we can properly do by being calm and steady, not hasty.

What is the thing that we are in hurry to achieve? What happens when we do? Perhaps go on to the next level? What if all the levels got exhausted?

Life is just an empty vacuum. No matter how we try to fill it up, we can never be able to, because there are pores everywhere, thus the empty lonely feeling, whenever we get to the peak of anything. The excitement and joy of arrival is obvious and only for a time!

Whether we rush things or not, whatever will be, must be! Why not take your time and do whatever you have to do with diligence and appropriation? Take life easily, in order to enjoy it’s fullness. Don’t force yourself into doing things that will not be worthy of your time and energy.

One day at a time…

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