War, they say is necessary if peace is desired! Probably opposites and each lives on the other!

What about the benefits, are they equal too? Is there any measure of peace that is worth the lives lost in a war as it (death) is inevitable?


The love of power is one of the major cause of conflicts and war. Almost every human being wants to be superior to the next person and eventually everyone around, or over the whole world! The desire for power or relevance is inherent in everybody, because all of us (humans), are created in the substance of a supremely powerful being! If we have such a likeness, it is obvious for us to desire power and authority! However, strife can be avoided, if every human accept another as a human that breathes the same breathe and bore the same likeness.


All that mankind need to do is to cultivate the art of patience, so that they will be able to tolerate themselves and avoid a lot of unpleasant things. For to tolerate another means to accept them no matter their inhibitions (avery difficult thing to do that requires a great amount of patience, understanding and inner peace)! This calls for serious personal development!


Fighting must never be a solution for anything, because it is full of negative destructive energies. When you fight an opponent and one side won, the side that lost will always plot for a revenge, no matter how long it will take, even if they are subjugated!

Once war begins, it doesn’t end, it only takes different continuous forms, creating constant suspicion between the rivals and sometimes even their allies! War negates freedom. It should be avoided at all costs!


As in everything, love is the best solution for peace. Give love to your enemy or those you desire to conquer and Lord over and there will be peace!

The greatest commandment is that we should love our neighbors as ourselves and the Lord God with all our hearts! This is beautiful, there will be nobody to fight and kill when everyone is busy loving the other! Ain’t the world now a community of nations, a global village? We are all neighbors! Even sin and evil or death will have no place when we love God with all our hearts! Just imagine the bliss, Heaven unfolding upon the earth!!!

6 thoughts on “IS WAR NECESSARY?

  1. Excellent post and points. Propaganda that warring is to gain peace there has not been a war that has achieved this. Love is the solution but there are some who are incapable of love as the lifestyle does not accept others who are different and believe they can harm others.

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