DESTINY! Where Do We Go?


DESTINY! Where Do We Go?


When we die, it is heaven of bliss or hell and purgatory, or even a blankness/nonexistence!
Here on earth (the temporary plane that schools our spirit souls), everything is hard/gruesome, such that living is truly a rat race!

Living On Earth

Every best thing in it is free, but man has commercialized his integrity on earth…
If you don’t have money, nothing works for you. Sometimes it gets difficult to access even the free gifts of life due to despair.
The evil on man against man keeps getting worse. We prey on each other like wild animals! The world has never been and is still not safe, not even for the rich and strong. We are all vulnerable to the evils we created!

After Death

And when we die!
If Heaven will be a place of endless singing and no other activity, or a place where beer runs in the taps and a lucky man has access to seventy virgins, life there(Heaven) might get monotonous and boring, people will be so used to it and eventually get fed off!
Hell could be worse, because its fires burn with sulphur and brimstone. It will be an endlessness of anguish, certainly a place not worth going!
If death is a life of darkness and nonexistence, no any activity, hell could possibly be better! Who knows?

Just where do we go, or what do we do with this life?

Certainly, life is mysterious and it exist only for itself! We need not go anywhere or do anything other than to live it!


We should strive to be the best we can in any endeavor, not minding the cares of this world, living and accepting what life gives us as destiny.
Now that we have the breathe of life, our destiny is to feed the life force as part thereof!

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