A name fit for sentient beings, so powerful in meaning and significance is “Umaima!”
This can only be a dream, an act of pure imagination crafted in the beauty of words!

“The birth of heaven!”

The heavens are the abode of gods and other sentient beings! Such a place must be awesome and when likened to a name could give the bearer serious significance/importance and probably power/influence over other mortals!
What could have triggered such an act(birth of heaven) and who could be the one to do it? And the act became a name for a mortal to bear!
It is just and can never be a practical event, it has to be figurative in every sense of the word. So also is the bearer of the name likely to be an extraordinary person and possessing so much spiritual relevance!

“The Most Powerful Girl!”

Wow, this has to be serious! Having power more than other girls? Nice move, so, no one dares to take advantage over her!


Umaima means “birth of the heavens!” or “the most powerful girl”


Names have power and most often affect the bearers with their meanings and significance!
It is always good to give a child, pet or anything, a name that has positive meaning or whatever is expected of the bearer.
What is your name? Do you know the meaning? Is your life relevant to the attributes in the meaning of the name?

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