The surest way to a woman’s heart is said to be through a priceless gift! How true is that? And what could be priceless? If love has a price, what doesn’t?

And to a man’s heart is said to be through his stomach! What meal could do such a trick?


There is no priceless gift that you can give a woman which cannot be overshadowed by another such gift. If you are able to have one (woman), enjoy her while she is still yours! But you can try giving her a diamond stone worth a billion dollars and see what happens if someone else give her an entire diamond field! Your life is priceless, try giving her and see if you will have any need for her heart, or if she will care, a short while after mourning you, if she ever get to do so!

The man’s stomach? Be ye not deceived! No meal can be sweet enough to keep a man’s heart captive for long! Enjoy him while he is yours, and always remember that every man is a bachelor at heart! But you may wish to give him an entire kitchen with every thinkable meal in it and wait to see what happens when he is done eating!


There is probably no priceless gift from human to human!

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