What will you do with peace if it beckons to you? Some people will never cease to amaze me the way they revel in bloodshed, ‘PASSION’ it is! There are always two sides to a real coin! That is why next door to happiness lives sorrow. If man is the architect of his destiny, if it will not bore him, will he decide on peace always? The process of moulding a pot is fascinating, as the potter has to pass the clay after givng it shape through fire in order to give it strength. There is a saying in Hausa language that says ‘a fid da raini’, often applicable to those wanting or about to fight! Is it possible for the conquered in war to love the conqueror? If he has the opportunity will the defeated not seek revenge? Is there anyone that is born for slavery or to be the subordinate of another? Vengeance is not for man, it is divine providence! Often those that try to revenge a wrong always end up doing another wrong, cause the destructive emotion of anger is usually the driving force. If all humans will yield to the supreme law of love that says, “love your neighbour as yourself” and “love the Lord thy God with all thine heart”, who will waste time and energy fighting?

There is war and rumours of war all over the world these days, such that I wonder if a single life will be left on this Earth. There are nations that have stocked enough arsenals to destroy the world! What is there in destruction? Is there no demonic blood lust in all of this? The breathe in us is a spirit that is subliminal and we waste it at will. We are gifted with life in order to procreate and bring beauty into the world, yet we desperately want to turn our beauty into ashes!

They say that sometimes even the teeth bites the tongue, but what does the tongue does in return? This brings to mind the issue of tolerance and acceptance. Will you always put yourself in your opponent’s shoes? Will you be able to do to him/her what he/she is doing to you?

Even in the womb, twins struggle, each one wanting to come out first. When the Earth had no one in it except Cain and Abel with their parents, the eldest killed the younger out of envy! What happened after that? Did God transfer the affection He had for Abel to Cain? If two warring factions fought and the winners were able to expand their territory, so what about it? Will they carry the land they captured along when they die? Even the dead pharaohs that were buried with their treasures had no use for such in the hereafter (it was supposed that the pharaohs will enjoy the privileges of their royalty when they die, but some of the wealth are mostly plundered by grave thieves, or used as tourism pastime! So also are conquered lands, the conquerors die and others, mostly undeserving, inherits it!).

Have you ever asked, wondered or pondered what all this fighting is for? Non extends your life, non gives you eternal life! Why waste something you ought to preserve? We have sold our souls to demons, because of power or dominance and material things. Instead of the demons to work for us and take orders from us, we now take orders from them, pledging allegiance, even sacrificing our lives and the lives of others to them! What a shame, despite the superiority of our being as the image and likeness of the supreme of all supremacies, the omnipotent, omnipresent creator of life and light, The almighty God, man has brought himself too low from his heritage as a Prince to being a slave! Still we claim education and civilization. Where do we place or classify those that go to school to learn how to kill or destroy human lives? There are those that were even trained purposely to kill! What is their civilized classification?

Consider this song by ASA

“Fire On The Mountain”

There is fire on the mountain
And nobody seems to be on the run
Oh there is fire on the mountain top
And no one is running

I wake up in the morning
Tell you what I see on my TV screen
I see the blood of an innocent child
And everybody’s watching

Now I’m looking out my window
And what do I see
I see an army of a soldier man
Marching across the street

Hey Mr. soldier man
Tomorrow is the day you go to war
But you are fighting for another man’s cause
And you don’t even know him

What did he say to make you so blind
To your conscience and reason
Could it be love for your country
Or for the gun you use in killing

There is fire on the mountain
And nobody seems to be on the run
Oh there is fire on the mountain top
And no one is running

Hey Mr. Lover man
Can I get a chance to talk to you
Cause you are fooling with a dead man’s corpse
And you don’t know what you do

So you say you have a lover
And you love her like no other
So you buy her a diamond
That someone has died on
Don’t you think there’s something wrong with this?

Tell me who’s responsible
For what we teach our children?
Is it the internet?
Or the stars on television?
Why o why oh

There is fire on the mountain
And nobody seems to be on the run
Oh there is fire on the mountain top
And no one is running

One day the river will over flow
And there’ll be nowhere for us to go
And we will run, run
Wishing we had put out the fire

People fight over land, wealth or political supremacy! And there are some that fight over love! Strange.
Since certain things are unavoidable, let there be reasoning in all our actions, especially the ones that might determine whether we, or others live, or die! I like this thinking of Khalil Gibran’s where he said, “reason ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion unattended, is a flame that burns to it’s own destruction. Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion, that your passion may live through its own daily resurrection, and like the Phoenix, rise above it’s ashes”.

It is told of my tribesmen that in the days of old, the two factions( East and West Tangale) will fight each other continuously for seven years after which there will be ceasefire for seven years during which they interact and even intermarried! Immediately the seven years is over, they will resume the fighting for another seven, and will continue the trend until the forty-ninth year when they will have a great feast! The seven seven of jubilee it was! The coming of the white man ended this strange carnage. And now nearly two hundred years later, some demons have reincarnated and want to bring back the dark ages! The reason for the fighting is a story of its own, which I shall tell another time.

Hmmm, people are fighting everywhere including my tribesmen! This World is probably about to end! Where do we go to when we leave this Earth plane? If we ruined our habitation, who will let us into theirs? What if they do? Will they allow us our privileges of this Earth? We rule the plant and animal kingdom, all the mountains, forests, rivers, valleys, oceans and seas are ours to traverse. What is wrong in making our world wonderful? If all our deeds shall be premeditated by love, which ‘possesses not nor will it be possessed ‘, we will value human lives and give our all towards preserving it!

Remember these lines?… “Lord, make us instruments of your peace, where there is hatred, let your love increase…” Great song!

Let us all stop fighting and celebrate life, if we want, we can turn the entire world into a place of justice, peace and love!(Paradise).
Whatever ye decree on Earth shall be decreed in Heaven”! Wow, what are you waiting for? Join and make this declaration with me, “We decree and declare that from this day and forever, the Earth planet be turned into the likeness of Paradise”. AMEN!!!

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