The Idiot That Became A King! Patience Is A Golden Trait

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      The Idiot That Became A King!

            Patience Is A Golden Trait


A patient individual is someone who knows how to control his/her pride. When you learn to cultivate the patient virtue, there is nothing you cannot be, or have, all you need is to choose.

If you are lucky to be the patient type, it is very important to also learn to stay alive. Never be in a hurry and don’t feel, or think you are the only person that deserves to have the best, or no one can do it as well, or better than you. Always remember it’s the same God that created the poor and the rich, the prince and the pauper. Whoever He decides on, God can bless within an ounce of time! There’s an idiot who became a King and married the most beautiful woman in a certain kingdom in just a day without any effort!;


” In a far away land, there lived a youth in the beautiful walled city of Lakweme the capital, his name is Ngaring. This youth practically does nothing except to eat, drink and sleep. He doesn’t want to offend anyone, so he hardly goes out, or mingle with a crowd. His parents caters for all his basic needs. The entire people of the city believed Ngaring is an idiot because he seemed to have no ambition. He refused to join the Kings’ army and rejected any job offer. The girls despised him because he depends on his poor parents that are struggling with life (he does not bother about the girls, he doesn’t even talk to them).

One day, the city was attacked. All the men went to fight and non returned. Some were captured alive to be sold as slaves, while others were killed.

At the end of the battle, Lakweme was left with only old men, women and children. The king, newly crowned was also captured and killed. He had no child. His young widow who surpassed all the women in the kingdom and beyond in beauty and wits, became the ruler of the land, because when the men fell and the city was about to be captured, she rallied all the women who fought and drove the raiders away. Her name is Molkale. She ruled wisely for several years.

When she(Queen Molkale) became forty, she started worrying about an heir to the throne. There was no single person alive in the royal family apart from the queen, so she decided to have a child and a search was made in the kingdom to which it was found that the only male capable is Ngaring. All the other males found were either too old, or far too young (it will take them up to ten years before they can be matured enough to sire a child, of which the queen is not willing to wait). Everybody believed Ngaring is an idiot as he could not help fight for the city. When the war was fought, he refused to participate.

Queen Molkale had no option, she sent for Ngaring, who came in old and dirty clothes. Her majesty ordered for him to be cleaned and also for his clothes to be changed. He was given a royal bath. When he appeared before queen Molkale in her royal chamber after the bath, she didn’t recognise him cause he looked like a prince! They ate a sumptuous meal, during which she kept stealing glances at Ngaring. The entire city folks were too bothered with believing he was an idiot that no one was able to see how handsome and charming he is.

After the meal, Queen Molkale made her proposition to Ngaring. (When he arrived at the palace, he didn’t speak a single word, he only smiled occasionally). So when he spoke, Queen Molkale was amazed by his voice. It is so soft, like a whisper. She could feel the caring and tenderness in it, which made her heart to melt. He told her majesty that he will accept her proposition only on one condition, which is that she gather all the nobles together and place her crown on his head and proclaim him King over the kingdom! She was awe stricken and wondered how an idiot could be capable of such a thought. She felt proud of him and gladly accepted his condition. She immediately sent for the nobles.

When they came, non of the nobles recognized Ngaring in his flowing robes. He looked very handsome. At the throne room before anyone takes his sit, Queen Molkale removed her crown and placed it on Ngaring’s head, then she led him to the throne and when he is seated, she proclaimed him King and sat herself next to him as his Queen! The nobles followed suit, after which a weeklong feasting was declared all over the land.

When the people were told that it was Ngaring the idiot that became the king, they refused to believe, because no one thinks he is capable of being anything more than an idiot.”


Ngaring’s story is about what God is capable of doing. He does not care who, or what you are, whenever He wants, He assigns you to any task which He will make it possible for you to be able to carry out! Whatever you do, learn to act with patience, do not be in a hurry, your own time will certainly come, never look down on anyone, because you do not know what tomorrow will be like.

There are people that walked barefooted, wearing torn uniforms to school when they were kids and became presidents later in life, a lot of college dropouts became billionaires and there are those that have never been to school who became mighty kings. It does not matter if you are born with a silver spoon, or not. Try as much as you can to stay alive! Eric Donaldson in his song “More love” said, “good things comes to those who wait, but you could be the very good thing if you hesitate”, so sweet. There is a popular saying that says, “no hurry in life”, I totally concur, which is why my speech is slow and soft! Hmmm, “slow and steady wins the race” huh? Those who believe that “the patient dog eats no bone at all”, will not agree with me! Our life is what we make of it, whatever we sow is what we shall reap!

Think of it, when you have that car you badly want, when you are able to build or own the mansion of your dreams, when you marry that beautiful well behaved girl or that handsome wealthy guy that means the world to you, when you have that position you crave, when you have all that your heart desires, what next? What will you do? Never be desperate over anything cause nothing is worth killing yourself, or someone else over. Just walk one step at a time and you will get to wherever you want to go without stepping on anybody’s toes!




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