Frustrations Must Never Weigh You Down!


Frustrations Must Never Weigh You Down!


When you have tried different ventures you are certain will work out positively, but non did, what is the best thing to do?

Frustrations may try to weigh you down by beclouding your thinking, but does it mean you should give up?

What do we (humans) understand failure to be?

When your efforts are not yielding desired results, it does not mean you made mistakes in the first place, it simply means it is not yet time for the efforts to yield fruit! You don’t have to give up on it, but wait and while you are at it (waiting), make yourself busy by adding spices or makeups to what you have done, and if you are satisfied it can never be any better than you did, then start something else, so that when the fruits of the former effort are ripe, the ones for the new startup will be ready, or about ready and you will reap multiple rewards!

Do not let denials frustrate you. There is more gain in patience and waiting than we (humans) often imagine…

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