Did God Actually Create Humans?


Did God Actually Create Humans?


Is God more concerned about the needs of humans, or His(God) needs?
What could be the purpose, or reason for creating humans?
How and why did humans became an existence?
Was it truly God, or there is certainly another reason?
Who/what allows suffering/hardships/frustrations/sorrows and to what end?
Does suffering, hardships, frustrations, sorrows, etc truly strengthen the soul of humans?
What about inhuman acts of man against man, who permits it and to what end?
If predestination is true
And What will be, will be
What is the need for praying?
Are prayers actually responded to by God, or there is another supernatural explanation for the answers?
What is the function of the subconscious?

4 thoughts on “Did God Actually Create Humans?

  1. You talk about the many questions I ask and I should imagine many other people too. The suffering never seems to end. We came to Earth to experience what? pain? I believe God manifested not created but life changed after the arrival of evil.

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