Do you know if I have no peace
Neither shall you?
If our differences are resolved…
If our troubles are over…
What we have,we give to the world
Crawl, walk, run with me to the far reaches of the
Where there is a tear, we shall mend…
When all mankind laugh
It shall be our laughter!
…Come with me!!

6 thoughts on “IF I HAvE NO PEACE…

    1. Who’s stolen your peace? And is it just 1 peace that’s missing or is it all the leaves which means you’ve actually lost the whole thing. And is it actually peace that’s been stolen or is it just that everything’s too loud for you and you just want to be left alone in the quite. I’m sorry to say the “q” word. Im a natural born nurse you see and I know what happens when the “q” word is said. I’m not going to say sorry because I’m not sorry nobody’s stolen your peace we’ve just stolen your quite.

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