4 thoughts on “WILL YOU BEGIN TO CARE?

  1. I feel much sadness when I see this, your poem poignant indeed. The problem belongs with the heads of state of the countries. I live in Egypt they constantly look for money from the tourists, it is all they dream about. They believe we the foreigner or tourist owes them a living, when yet we only have enough to live on and the holidays are bought at marked-down prices, they do not understand, they believe we have large bank accounts. I suggest in trying to provide something for the people who live here, they look at me as if I am mad. The tourist is their focus they see nothing else and blame the govt for their poor state. Yet too many empty guesthouses, cafes and restaurants. Shops just for the tourist.

    What is the focus of the people? Are they interested in employing locals? Creating businesses or work suitable for locals and providing for locals.

    Everyone is struggling these days.


    1. Dearest Nanette, the situation in Egypt is not different from most countries that depends on tourism as its major source of income. It’s sad that heads of governments in developing country’s hardly care about the poor!

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      1. It is very sad they have to rely on tourism as when there are no tourists then no money. Be them developing or established countries the govt does not care about its people. I see false promises and hopes fall to the ground so often. I get excited by many of the schemes but none are for the poor only the rich can afford to attend. It is a world problem and something must change.

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