Earth Ravagers


Earth Ravagers


They caused war
They ravaged the earth…
Do they know, or just do not care?
When knowledge is given and choice is faced
Those that do not understand make wrong choices
When evil fills a heart, all good is blocked…
Love is an issue of acceptance…
When you teach with compassion
Learning becomes sweet…
Wisdom and tranquility is for the literate…
Destruction comes from the hand of the illiterate.

3 thoughts on “Earth Ravagers

  1. Good poem Jerry, Many do not understand they are at a disadvantage of being illiterate. Though illiteracy is not always the seed of destruction most destruction is done by well educated people who have no feelings. Illiterate are controlled by those who wish to use them as they cannot find the answers for themselves too dependent on another’s “truth” and can easily be enraged through fear. You are touching upon so many sore topics. This world is guilty of.

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