Loneliness is said to be a feeling of emptiness caused by the absence of a person or a thing!

I have been lonely for some time and recently, the feeling is getting stronger or more appropriately worse, as it is a negative condition.

Worst Times

My toughest moments are those times I don’t have money, which is now at its worst. I have never had it this bad. Sometimes I am not even able to afford the widow’s mite for Church offering that I had to cancelled attending service!

The next bad situation to financial loneliness are those times in the night, when it is raining or it is cold. My pillows and blankets hardly offer me the warmth of human company. Oh, how I used to long for tears that have since dried up, because I rained them down my sorrows of years past!

Lesser Misfortune

There are other times that are less harsh, because I have modified my life to it. Such are the illnesses that seemed to be a part of me! There are also times when I have to beg for food to eat! Still those are not as lonely as the first two! With some money, those will cease to create emptiness in my life!

It also gets lonely, but sometimes comforting, when I have to pray and fast for days that turned to weeks then months and now years, but get no response, as I wondered if God is either selective or the Prince of Persia has taken an interest in the answers to my prayers!


Oh, that I should have some money, even if it is just a little, and a lovely intelligent girl that will accept me the way I am and walk the rest of the miles with me!

If only an angel could pass by and see my sorrows.

The days of the good Samaritan seemed only to be in the Book and movies!

Is it not true that some people are only existing, and yet to start living?

Where has the quartermaster gone to? Is there no more any rations left?

I want to start living!!!

This life…

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