An irritant is something that disturbs another, making it (the irritated), utterly uncomfortable. A person or anything that is suffering irritation is said to be irritated, while irritation is the act that is perpetrated by an irritant and irritating being the current situation of irritation!

Everything has irritating parties amongst them and all the victims suffer tremendously!

Human irritants are peculiar and as powerful as love is, such ones are always making themselves unlovable! They are so bad that their actions (irritation) can doom an individual, because it always arouse intense strange anger that often leads to rash acts.

When you are filled with the spirit of love and are ready to accommodate the irritant, all it takes is a single irritation that will melt every compassion in your heart!

Irritants are serious agents of evil that have decided and accepted ruin, so are not conscious of the consequences of their actions, of which both them and the irritated suffer!

Choice Or Nature?

Are irritants naturally born the way they are, or is it by choice they became so?

Most human irritants are found amongst those that refused to avoid nagging and perfectionists and loners, making irritation to be a negative psychological emotion caused either by the concerned individual or society!

Being an irritant is an act by choice!

Way To Go

If you have the misfortune of knowing or being involved with an irritant, the best way to go is pray often for grace and as much as you can, if you can’t avoid them, speak little with them and do not let them get use to talking much with you. If any physical activity will bring you together, take responsibility of it by doing it alone, or getting someone else to do it for you, no matter how gainful the venture is!

If you are close to, or involved with one, remember to always pray for the salvation of the soul of the irritant, less they waste it and yours with it!

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