Has anyone ever made a commendation or attested on you as a person of your words? Are you known for sincerity and honesty? If yes, then you are a honorable person!

People ought to learn or understand what being responsible is all about. It does not ends with catering for one’s family’s financial needs only, it also includes the emotional needs and responsibilities to the society in general, which means our relationships with our family, friends and all acquaintances determines our level of responsibility.
To have integrity, we should be able to “stand by our words” (not rigidly). We ought to always fulfill our promises! It is important for anyone to be careful in offering any obligation or commitment. Do not commit yourself in anything you are likely to fail. Although it is true that no one knows tomorrow, it is also true that people ought to know themselves, their capabilities and limitations.

When we make commitments we are not able to fulfill, it often tells on our confidence and makes us to hide, lie or even give silly unnecessary excuses. We ought to learn to know when to say yes and when to say no. It is always good to be firm when taking decisions.
There are times if not often that when we commit ourselves to do certain things, the expectant party will be hopeful, trusting we will fulfill our pledge. Imagine promising money to a poor sick person’s relative, when you don’t have it, or you are expecting and when the promised period passed and you are not able to give the money and the patient dies! You may not feel anything, but any conscious individual is expected to feel some guilt, although when it is time to die, death must occur! What about the living relation you made the promise to? Will he not have some reservations towards you, even if he knows that certain things in life are inevitable?
Let us always use what we have and let our interactions and commitments revolve around it. We don’t have to raise people’s hope for nothing!
It is not only on material things that our integrity is determined, emotional issues too are not left out. We often make promises of marriage or the likes when deep within us we know we cannot fulfill! It is also improper to promise a visit and fail to turn up.

There are people that are careless. They do not bother about the feelings of others, thus they are always promising or accepting to do anything required of them. They easily hurt others and feel normal about it. They do not seemed to have the willpower to say no and are thus often looked down upon. Even if they are loved, they hardly get respect. No one will want to entrust any worthy endeavor in their care!
Some people are like this from birth, while others developed the nature due to certain influences or because they don’t want to be given any responsibility.

It is good to be worthy of honor. Whatever motives may be the reason for this type of attitude, the person doing it will always be disrespected, no one will regard him with honor and see integrity in his deeds!
Always pray for yourself and do whatever you can with “what you have” in the best possible way to those in need. Know and understand that although we are expected to look after each other, we are not supposed to do everything for others! We must never try to take the place of God in another’s life.

3 thoughts on “INTEGRITY AND HONOR

  1. Good post, I was always recommended for my integrity at work. commitment – for me this is a daily start of the day committing to God/Heavenly Father and Mother Earth, Honour – I also honour my ancestors daily.

    Careless people have no thought expect for how to achieve what they want in any way they can. Bullies many of them.

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