The world had no cares

With only two humans, it was a small place!

That was once upon a time…


The earth is filled up almost to the brim

And it is a big wide world!!

When tomorrow comes, what shall it be?

Our humanity is what?

With just a few, only two

It was a small world

How could it be big, with too many?

Aha, I remember…

It was a global village turned into a global family!!!

5 thoughts on “ONCE UPON A TIME…

  1. There have always been a large population on the Earth, the myth or story came from one tiny part of Earth excluding all other nations that had been here 10,000 years before them, in fact some 60,000 years if we include the Australian Aboriginals. Just saying

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      1. You have more potential than you allow yourself open more your soul through to God/Heavenly Father Mother Earth stop restricting yourself. There is more for you to know and learn. Prepare yourself for the future.

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