No matter who or what you are, you can never survive alone. We all need one another in one way or the other. Even those who are bad to us, could someday be useful.

Let us always thrive to be each other’s keepers, sharing love and our substances with one another, because life is a circle and those at the bottom today will be on the top tomorrow and the other way round.


I remember a story from my past, in the days of childhood. It is the story of Lawanjali, a certain opinionated man that doesn’t want to be disturbed in any way and hates to share anything his’ with another, he sees even his wife and their only son as a burden, he scarcely share or buy things for them! As much as possible he avoids people and you hardly ever hear him talk. His only associate is his wife, because he doesn’t want to get close to another and an occasion might arise that will require him to give!

It happened in a certain rainy season. The previous season, some people shared from the gleanings of his farm and he was not happy, so he decided to go very far away to clear a new farm.

He took along with him his family and they walked several miles till there were no houses within sight, or sign of human habitation and he felt the place was ideal, but to be sure, he asked their son to excrete stool, which he did and immediately, flies swarm over it and lawanjali said there might be human beings not too far.

They kept on and he keep doing the faeces test until they reached a place where no single fly appeared, being far far away from human habitats and lawanjali felt they had reached the ideal place.

Not long after they started clearing the bush, a huge mountain of a man appeared from nowhere, startling the humans! He called Lawanjali by name and asked what they were doing, to which lawanjali replied they were clearing farmland. The monster man clapped his hands and about fifty hefty men appeared from nowhere, to whom the monster man ordered to assist lawanjali with his task and in less than thirty minutes they finished clearing the place lawanjali wanted cleared. He thanked the monster man and lawanjali went back to the village with his wife and son.

When the rains fell and it’s time to plant, Lawanjali took enough seedlings for his new farm and went with his family to plant and not surprisingly, the same process that occurred during the clearing, happened, and in a short period, lawanjali and his family were back home before even those with nearby farms!

The same thing happened at the time of weeding.

When it was harvest time, the monster man appeared as in other times and the same thing happened up to the gathering of the crops and before they started packing, lawanjali sent his son to fetch water for them to drink cause the one they brought had finished! The boy went and took too long cause there was no stream nearby and when he returned, his father was angry and decided to beat him and immediately, the monster man appeared and inquired what was happening and when lawanjali told him, he summoned his fifty henchmen to help lawanjali beat his son as in other times, to which they did till the boy was dead beyond recognition, not even his bones were spared!

After a while, a quarrel arose between lawanjali and his wife cause she accused him of causing the predicament on them which cost the life of their only son and he became angry that before he could control himself, he slapped his wife and the monster man immediately appeared and when he asked what happened, lawanjali decided to hide it from him, fearing the obvious fate that might befall his wife, but the monster insisted he heard the sound of beating, which lawanjali had to admit and the fifty were summoned to assist him to slap his wife. She died also!

Shortly after, the monster man disappeared, an insect was sent to bite him, which lawanjali slapped to kill it, and the monster immediately appeared and this time didn’t asked lawanjali what happened, cause he might deny, so he just summoned his fifty associates and ordered them to help lawanjali kill the insect on his body. The man also died and the monster with his men packed all the farm products to their homes!

This can happen to anyone who is pained by sharing his things with others!

Is it not wisely declared that “he who eats alone, dies alone”?

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