They are the most wicked and useless people on earth! They are those that believe certain things are impossible! They are simple minded folks whom imaginations are irrelevant in their lives! They are “DREAM KILLERS!”

Be very wary of such, never share your thoughts or plans with their lot, cause they will discourage you and even distress your soul!

Little things may matter and are very important, but it doesn’t mean we have to concentrate our all on them.

Whatever is our situation or background, it is important to “aim high”, for it is what we asked for that we get, according to the quality of our faith, just as it is rightfully said that “if ye believe, whatever ye ask for, shall be given unto you, even more!” Why waste your asking time on little things, when you can get WHATEVER you asked for?


Naturally, whenever we have a need we often seek solutions from someone that has more than us. What if we ask from The One who owns everything, including us, especially if He promised to give whatever we asked for?

God has promised to meet us at the point of our needs as long as we believe in Him! Because He has no limitations, we must never allow same to determine what we ought to ask of Him. Was it not Him (God) that spoke this world into existence? What can be beyond Him?

It may be possible that there are times we don’t get the things we asked for, no matter how we asked. The likelihood is that God may feel “scorned at”, because we tried to limit His dominion over all things, by asking for little or insignificant things!

Always ask of God for the best!

Do not let dream killers destroy, or limit your asking rights!

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