A lot of people suffer consistently in relationships because they do not know themselves! If you know who you are, you will know what you want! Most people want what others want, which makes them to always suffer!
If you want a girl because of her beauty or brains, or a man because of his wealth or popularity, you are probably doing it because you want people to say you are lucky and have the best! Think well, can there ever be any best more than what you are? If you affirm, you do not know who you are!
If you are the very best, why bring yourself so low, believing that it is another person that can give you happiness? Why not be the one to give? Why not be the attraction instead of the attracted?
Brace up and know your values, to revel in it! Appreciate other people and their achievements or contributions, but don’t get carried away by it, cause you might be exposing yourself to their manipulations, when they start believing they have something you want so much. If a person is not ready to tremble over you, don’t tremble over them, shine your eyes!

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