I am laughing at some sorrows of mankind

The tears we caused ourselves

Truly worthy…

Imagine this;

Moving always in reverse motion, towards the wrong direction

The rich reaching out to the wealthy

The poor laughing at the tears of his brother, scorning each other

We help those who do not truly need us

The poor and weak, they always get drowned in their tears…

More sad is this;

When a Prince is sick

Everyone prays for his health

Taking gifts and substance he will never need!!

On his wedding, more uninvited guests will attend…

A poor man that is hungry is laughed and scorned at, regarded as lazy…

He is denied every assistance, even crumbs from the big table…

Women rejects him, he can’t even afford the least of bride prices…

When he is down

No one noticed…

And then he dies, no money to buy aspirin…

Even his likes hardly attend the funeral…

And this happens;

Unusual times besetting us

Our children scorning without reason the good life we planned for them

Our stockpile of riches untouched, their pleasures long gone

We are always surrounded by people, but forever lonely…

When the journey for us is over…

We shall become food for worms

That which we gathered in sweat shall be scattered in a twinkling of an eye…

When shall we stop compromising our world and do the right things?

This is sad, very sad…

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