The Hidden Statistic: Rates of Recovery

Jeremy in Hong Kong

Yes, I know I’m near my coronavirus topic quota but here’s a couple of things you might appreciate.

Firstly, Johns Hopkins have an excellent real-time site of the global state of affairs.

Secondly, and most importantly, within this site you’ll see a category that gets absolutely no coverage at all:


For example, look below at the situation in Singapore. There’s 102 confirmed cases there, but on the other side of the page you’ll see that 72 of these cases have since recovered.

I have been tracking the number of infections of nearby countries over the past few weeks but only just learnt of the recovered cases after finding this site. Yes, it’s important to know the total cases over time, but it’s equally important to know the current number of live cases— 32 in the case of Singapore.

Mainstream media should be including this statistic alongside the…

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