It is widely believed that the world would one day come to an end! It is even said that there was another world before ours, which after reaching it’s peak in everything; civilization, spiritualism, just anything, ended as if it never was. Cosmologists are saying that the sun is a star and that a time will come when it will crash upon the earth, burning everything in it. Religion has a different approach, but the story is that the world will certainly end!


Why would the world end? What is the purpose of it’s existence? When and how will it end?

In 2015, a certain rumour was spread, that NASA in a hundred page report to the then President of the United States of America, said the earth will experience total darkness for fifteen days as a result of cosmic activity between Jupiter and Venus, to which the sun and the earth will be at the receiving end! It was to happen in November which it didn’t. Again in 2016, the same story went round the world, that from the 15th November to the 30th, 2016, the sun will not give it’s light, and there will be a fifteen days period of darkness, due to the same reason stated in 2015. Did NASA made a mistake when it said the event would be the previous year, or was the rumor a fabricated lie by doomsdayers?

According to the Holy Bible, the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will take place when darkness has covered the world, because the sun and moon will fail to provide light and the son of man (Jesus Christ), will appear in the clouds, amidst a host of trumpet blowing angels!


When Obama introduced his health care bill, a lot of people believed he was playing the devil’s stooge, because a microchip has to be implanted into the forehead, or right forearm, where the Bible said the mark of the beast will be. There is a sect in the US with millions of followers that tattoos the mark on it’s members bodies wherever they want, their leader claiming to be the Christ! Sometimes back, a certain man in Korea, prophesied that the world was going to end and a lot of his followers sold and spent all their earnings before the date, again not too long ago when the Mayan calendar ended, a lot of people in Mexico believed the world was going to end as well, to which some people started selling their belongings and spending all their earnings, until the government intervened. All these are attempts to doom this earth, not to talk about nations that keep amassing weapons of mass destruction! The purpose and effect of the corona virus on the entire world is a shocking indication of how desperate some people, or forces want to doom the earth!


Why would anyone want to destroy the world? Did the person that created it sent such people, or are they the ones that created it? If so why destroy it? Perhaps to create a new one! The sad part is that they keep using biblical prophecies to pursue their means. Do these people believed in God? Or do they want to take over His functions, or perhaps He is wasting their time and they want to do away with this one in order to go to the next? It is also likely that they are trying to make a mockery of the prophecies!


I think there are religious zealots that desperately want the prophecies in their religious books to be fulfilled! Why the desperation? Are they the ones that made the prophecies? The truth is, if the prophecies will be fulfilled, it will, without their assistance. I am a little bit familiar with biblical scriptures because I am a Christian. What I understand about the efforts to bring the world to an end is mostly from the biblical perspective. I have said it before and I will always reiterate the fact that God created man in His image and likeness, thus making man a limitless being of power, because He desire for the earth in which He placed the man, to be a perfect imitation of His heavenly abode, thus the line in the Lord’s prayer that says, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. It is for this reason that He said whatever is bound on earth, it shall be so in heaven, it is also because of this same authority given to man that those who changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday did what they had to do with all confidence and it has come to stay, the same way 25th December became the birthday of our Lord. If changing the Sabbath day and the real birth date of our Lord has worked, why would other things not?

Are human beings tired of living on this earth? Why would anyone be interested in bringing an end to this world when it is sweeter and easier to agree that the earth be transformed into paradise? A lot of purists would want the world to come to an end, so that sinners will be punished by being doomed to eternal damnation in hell! They are probably the ones that think God is wasting time with ending the world. If they have their way, they may likely ask God to cancel the one thousand years reign of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth. They must have been consumed by their hatred of sinners that they forgot that the Bible said it in plain words that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. While looking forward to a horrific destiny for others, remember too that you are also a sinner!


If only the world will accept my proposition, that one million people agree to pray on its behalf, with the resolution that hell and the white throne judgement be cancelled, and the earth turned into a second paradise, with God and those already dead in the first paradise and traffic established between the two paradise, why would God refused? Remember every living thing breathe His breath! This is also saying God is much a part of us as we are a part of Him, since the breath in us is His, He will certainly not destroy a part of Himself. If He wanted to punish us because of our sins, if up to a million folks will intercede, He will yield, Moses was always standing in for all the Israelites, just him, changing God’s wrath, what more of a million for all the earth? He said that WHATEVER we ask shall be given unto us! Let us take advantage of God’s compassion while we yet have the chance, if not, doomsday advocates will drag all of us to hell!


My Thoughts.
I think those that created the Mayan calendar are mystics that had access to what will happen within a particular age, i.e. the period of the calendar. The ending of the calendar should symbolise an end to the way this world had been for the past five thousand years, to which I think the Mayan mystics created a calendar for the world every five thousand years!

The world is going to change, with everything about it. The way people think and do things. A new age that will last for the next five thousand years started in 2014! So much change will sweep the earth. Impossibilities will become possibilities!

Man will conquer and colonize Mars! Medicine will be so advanced that there will cease to be sickness in the world. People will start living long healthy years. Evil will not thrive in this age!

Some Mayan mystics must have started working on the calendar for this age!

Know ye not that ye are gods?

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