Sad, Sad, Sad


My Comfort Song




My dreams never seemed to come true

Far off, I can hear a voice like a whisper calling on me

Beckoning me to thrive on

Lord, where are you?
Sad, sad, sad

I cry sad tears

Hoping someday to cry tears of
Above is a song, a stanza and a chorus, which I composed and often sing whenever my spirit is low, or when nothing seemed to be working positively for me.

The song gives me hope for tomorrow, cause I know that no condition is permanent and I believe the breathe in me is God’s!

Whatever I feel, God also feels! I know that He is not comfortable with my sorrows and it will not be long before He gets tired of suffering in me! Soon it shall be and He will make things better!

What about you?

Where do you take your troubles to?

What do you do when your spirit is low, or when every effort you make to succeed doesn’t seemed to work out, how do you face the down side of life?

Share it!

You may be able to help another person, or just saying it could turn to an answered prayer! Marvelous, ain’t it!

I don’t believe in magic, but I know that miracles are possible and real, cause faith truly works!

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