PAWNS; Place And Time!


PAWNS; Place And Time!



Are pawns really helpless? Can they ever change from being what they are, or have their roles changed? When they are able to penetrate and reach the enemy’s stronghold, don’t they negotiate and free their officers? But, don’t they still remained as they are, “PAWNS!” and will continue to serve the King and the Queen all their lives?

Are human beings not pawns in the hands of a selfish manipulative force/power?

Do we truly get what we give, or do things happened based on chance?

What will be said of our efforts, determination and persistence? Are we truly getting commensurate results?


It is said of time and place to determined success(the being at the right place the right time sort of thing!), could Place and Time be the true power in the universe and all humans at the mercy of their manipulations?

So, it doesn’t matter how long or old one gets to be, when time feels a need for anyone, chance will happen and such a one will be in the right place!


This is a very serious matter!

We are helplessly exposed to a selfish insensitive ideology/power!

Oh, the suffering, the diseases, the hunger, the starvation, poverty and humiliation, all because it is not yet time, and we are not in the right place!


This is disheartening, I feel so sad, I want to rebel, but how and to/with whom, when the forces are not mindful of anything but themselves?

If I am able to start a rebellion, it will be subject to the control/desires of place and time! Doesn’t this means it is impossible to rebel, since even my rebellion will serve time? What else doesn’t?


The King and the Queen are Place and Time (the Queen being the more powerful, is Time and the King is Place), while Human Beings are Pawns in their hands…



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