Does poverty truly exist, or is it a scam? How and why did Norway became so developed, that it is practically impossible to be poor in that country? What type of people live there and what do they have that other nations don’t? What informs their civilization?
Norwegians have purged evil (self delusions) out of their lives by deciding and giving every individual in their jurisdiction a fair opportunity to establish themselves as the extended images of a supreme being. Everybody is allowed to live like a human being in that country!


The human mind can play tricks to the self! It is important for every individual to know and accept what they are, “humans”. The causes of every sorrow among men is lack of contentment, which breeds a lot of other “negatives”. Poverty is the creation of man, a wicked ploy to punish and enslave man by man!
In the beginning, there was no poverty. Money was not in existence, but there were wealthy and comfortable people. While some slaves offered their services out of love or they were awed by the masters, some were captured during hunting expeditions or other such sports! Even captured Kings were made slaves! It was a barbaric human practice that began the moment man started to detach himself from reality.
All these are superficial things that man invented to showcase supremacy or the animal in him. So sad.


Underdevelopment due to corruption and other selfish vices has caused serious backwardness in the development process of so many nations.
It is possible for some prisons to be turned into parks due to lack of inmates and ordinary hospitals to resort hospitals in some countries in a few years to come. As it is, there are empty prisons where no indigenous inmates were taken to and hositals where very few indigene patients patronised, in months in some developed countries, due to quality lifestyle.
A developed country should be a country where human resources are properly utilized to the level that unemployment is practically nonexistent, where access to social amenities is a right, not a privilege, where education and health care are available without distinction! Where human life is respected and human beings treated as such.


Africa is seen as the hub of poverty because the highest number of poor people in the world can be found there, the continent where most black people live! Why is that so? Has poverty got anything to do with geographical factors?
A friend of mine has consistently insisted that black people were not created in God’s image, that is why they are backwards, he believes we (blacks), can never be developed. Naiwu Osahon has a different opinion, in his hypotesy/assumption, where he believes that God is black! If that is true, why would God allow the very color of humans He chose for himself to suffer?
Africans are largely dependent on others, specifically the government, for their livelihoods. We hardly want to develop and use our talents, but whenever we get to the “West” or any other country not ours, we tend to perform awesomely! Are we ashamed of doing great deeds in our home countries?
As it is, Africa is the most backward continent and we are still hoping that others will come and build our lands. Some of us are not ashamed of blaming our woes on other nations. Was it not us that allowed whatever happened to happen? What did they used against us that is out of this world? If they had access, what stopped us?
It is time to wake up and we all need one another to do so!


Laziness is practically responsible for poverty! Anyone that is poor is a lazy person. He is so lazy that he finds it difficult to engage his mind in any type of thinking process. He refused to dream and cannot act!
Laziness is responsible for short cuts, bad or poor delivery, nasty behaviours, cheating, fraud, just name it, anything that is bad and negative!


A positive mind set is what everyone suffering from poverty must have. We need to understand and convince ourselves that we are spirit beings capable of any attainment (this requires a lot of self discipline and love).
To those that have any type of responsibility, they should own up to it and put in their best, by giving other people every possible opportunity to live!
Environmental stability must be ensured and conducive living standards enforced at the necessary level.
Human beings are dynamic and the ones that have accepted their dynamism are living freely according to the master plan of creation.
Financial freedom should be encouraged and human beings must understand that money is meant to serve and work for them, not the other way round.
People should have pride and learn to live within their means and avoid unnecessary burdens!


The day that any human being will see his position or situation as a supernatural spirit being, capable of love and acceptance, will be the day that poverty and stagnation will end for such a one!

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