Now that evil has refused to relent and seemed to be at it’s peak, with human beings ill at ease with it, what is the future of our planet?

It is said that when things gets toughest, it has reached its limit and will get better. Is it possible to assume that evil has come to the point of crashing down? What do we do? Fold our arms, stand by and await it’s downfall with a thunderous shout of hallelujah? What would be our contribution?

Love is a perfect emotion! A little bit of it is capable of neutralising a legion of evil!

There is no match for love, which is another name by which God Almighty is called!

Instead of standing by and wait till evil has raped everyone and everything before it feel fulfilled to exit our earth, how about if we force or speed up the process? Do you know that it is very easy to do so?

Infest the entire universe with love! No power or authority is capable of resisting it. In everything you do, do it with a single mind driven by love. When everywhere is thus filled, evil will not find a foothold! Ain’t that an easy conquest?

Start now by loving your neighbour as yourself and The Lord your God with all your heart!

Remember to bless all who curse you
And don’t forget that your worst enemy is you!
Forgive at all times
Ultimately, you are the image and likeness of God!
Know ye not, that ye are gods?

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