The time is almost at hand when mankind shall be perfected according to the original design of his (human) being!
This stage is the final evolution of humankind and although all humans will attain the status, the moment will not be simultaneous, but rather it will start with only those that have understood and attained spiritual consciousness.

The Chasm
The chasm is a spiritual demarcation between the spirit world (where the dead go to and all spirit beings reside) and the human world.
In man’s “ascended stage”, he can cross the chasm at will!
This simply means that death or dying will be a mere voyage or trip between two planes of existence, one physical and the other, spiritual.

This will end time, as it(time), will cease to have relevance, thus the tag, “endtimes!”
Human beings will be able to live whatever number of years they desire to and when they want to take a vacation, can also do so wherever they desire to, even in the sun! And when they want to change form as spirits, they will simply go to sleep and wake up in the other side!

What cannot be undone when time is ended is changing forms! Although communication will be established between all planets and planes, any form any being (human/spirit) chose shall be his/its permanent form!

Reaching, or communicating with the dead through mediums is an age old practice that has proven the dead to exist in a spirit world that is organized and has amenities like hospitals, places of worship, schools etc (check Doris Stokes revelations in her books).
This means that beyond the chasm that separate our plane and the dead is a similarity of existence!
What is needed is for the human mind to be more developed into a further understanding of the figurative essence of the old religions and a great shift of limiting God’s image to heaven and hell as the final position of The Exalted Breathe!

The world is at it’s most rotten stage and like a seed planted in a soil, now is the time for germination, the moment of bliss for our earth!
Sorrows and miseries will give way to joy and happiness!
Humans will have access to, or learn the ability to cross the chasm, due to the easy access to higher thoughts and action that will be at everyone’s disposal!

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