Origin Of HIV!
Short Story (Fiction)

This short story is a wild imagination aimed at building hope that some of the presumed evil around us may be for a worthy purpose. It is based on what a friend told me, that a certain Bishop said HIV was created by some demons in an underground laboratory after ten years of research!

“It was a long time ago, though not too long, about 40yrs back, in a well furnished apartment along Amethyst street in Bronx, New York, after successfully mastering how to manipulate light, Njengo started to mix with ordinary humans of which 700yrs ago he was such. His parents turned him into a vampire, enabling him to live regardless of time. He can choose to look old or young based on his mood. He has no friends or relations, the ones he could remember cherishing, died several years ago and the memories often made him sad because he was unable to do anything to prevent their deaths. Now watching TV and sipping his favorite green tea which he always brew with pure hemp leaves that he buys personally from Jamaica, he saw an accident scene that touched his cold conscience and Njengo made a positive decision that almost ruined our world.
In the accident, a mini bus filled with passengers collided with an oil tanker truck on a busy highway in Nigeria, an African country. The impact of the collision was enormous cause the truck which was filled with oil caught fire and several other vehicles ran into the inferno. A lot of people died, nearly a hundred. It was not the number of the dead that disturbed Njengo, it was the little girl that died in the arms of a rescuer. The girl was not burnt by the fire, but she was injured by the impact of the multiple collisions that resulted because of the confusion caused by the accident. The girl had blood all over her. Just when the man was about to put her in an ambulance that will take her to a hospital, she went limp and died in his arms. The rescuer broke down and cried. The girl was six to seven years old. “If only the girl was like me, she would have lived” Njengo thought.
Being alive is fun and exciting, more so if you are immortal. Njengo cannot turn all the humans on earth into vampires. What will he do? Even if he can gather all the vampires on earth, who are mostly too young, devoid of compassion and not many, they will not be able to turn all mankind as they are. He has to think. He suddenly became hungry, he needed nourishment. He went to the refrigerator where he keeps supply of his food vials, he took one out and returned to the living room where he put on some jazz music by Yanni. He went to the sofa, sat down, opened and swallowed the liquid in the vial. He closed his eyes as he felt the effect all over him. It is one of the most celebrated moments in his life, the monthly ritual of taking this life enhancing fluid. He now recalled how he came up with the solution of drinking the fluid which is a mixture of certain herbs, his and some human blood, instead of feeding only on human blood.
Blood! that is it!


Njengo wondered why he hadn’t thought of this a long time ago, his human friends could have lived! He could not wait to get to his laboratory in the basement of a big building that houses private offices, law firms and other business concerns along Atlantic avenue in Brooklyn. He chose Brooklyn to site his laboratory because of the distance and also because he enjoys driving, especially through the busy streets of Manhattan. As he drives to the laboratory, he kept thinking about what he is set out to do. It is very simple and it’s success certain. He needed to have human blood for the experiment. When he got to Manhattan, he drove slowly and along W108 street, he saw a pretty redhead walked out of an eatery, he stopped the car and reversed to where the girl was. When he got to her, he wound down the door glass which was up and offered her a ride, flattering her that he would take her wherever she wanted for her beauty, she smiled and declined, telling him that she would rather walk cause she was going towards Columbus avenue. She thanked him and when she turned to walk away, their eyes met and that was all he needed. He compelled her and she hopped into the car.
He took her straight to his laboratory. When they got there, he asked her name and she said “Maadeh”. He asked her to lie down on the couch and she did without questions. He needed only a pint of blood, so he drew out the blood using a needle and a plastic bag. When he finished, she became very weak and fell asleep. He drew his own blood, 5mls and took five of Maadeh’s and mixed both in a test tube that he sealed and placed in a thermostat container which he sets the temperature at 36*c. He took more mls of both his and hers mixed some with chemicals others with alkaline solution, herbs and various oils labelling each container. It was about midnight when he finished and Maadeh was still sleeping, so he woke her up and helped her to his car cause she was still weak.
He took her to his apartment and made love to her in order to restore her strength. She felt into a deep sleep after climax and woke up eighteen hours later, feeling refreshed and full of vigour. Looking at her while she ate the food he prepared for her, he felt a strong urge to protect her. He decided to make her his partner.

Not knowing what he is, but being enamored by his tenderness, yet more under compulsion, Maadeh fell in love with the vampire! She packed out of the flat she was sharing with her friend Maring on 78th road in Queens, and moved into his apartment that day.
Maadeh resigned from working as a receptionist with the travel agency she was working for in Manhattan and became Njengo’s assistant. Everyday, they have to go to the laboratory together and spend twelve to fifteen hours writing notes, reading ancient books and making observations. Sometimes when they got bored, they go to theatres, museums, parties, or they go for boat rides, cause Njengo is a member of the Hudson Yacht club.
It was in the fourth year that Njengo revealed himself to Maadeh, she was shocked because she thought vampires are only a myth. She felt happy and exhilarated being a partner to an immortal. He told her the aim of the research to which she renewed her commitment. It was on the ninth year after various tests and trials that they completed their experiments. The result was an organism that is a mixture of mostly vampire blood, certain herbs and chemicals which when introduced into human blood will fortify such, renewing the body cells by destroying most of it and reproducing new cells that will enable the body to last from upwards of 200yrs!
These new cells will start developing five years after the vampire blood is introduced into the human blood and certain chemicals mixed with it. The unfortunate thing is that the vampire’s blood is very strong and must be released only once after which it has to spread and for the plan to be effective, the blood must lose some of it’s powers, which will take approximately twenty years, during which the vampire blood can easily be transmitted through blood or certain body fluids like saliva, semen, vaginal discharge and breast milk by anyone that has it, but after the twentieth year, it can be transmitted only through blood contact and at the final stage it cannot be transmissible cause it will be in the bone marrow. Anyone who will desire it at this last stage will have to undergo a complex surgery, where their entire body cells will be replaced by the vampire tempered cells, to be referred to as “Veeblood”, a gradual process that will take ten intermittent years or a whole year confined in a special clinic.

The effect for the first five years towards the tenth is a devastating disease condition that renders the immune system deficient, defying any medical solution, referred to as “acquired immune deficiency syndrome”. The first five years were the worst, cause people died horribly, by the tenth year, it became endemic and the world wept and buried too many loved ones. During these first ten years of the release of the “vampire blood”, which Njengo and Maadeh craftily did, choosing sexual activities to do so, as it can transmit the organism faster without the world suspecting much, nothing could be used to stop the devastation of the power of the blood until it has reached its transitory period of twenty years, although in the tenth year, Njengo and Maadeh released a formula to certain scientists that will enable them to produce a drug supplement to reduce the ill effect of the organism. Every five years a new product will be released or the existing ones upgraded to ameliorate the sorrows of mankind until the twentieth year when the organism completed it’s transition and became stable.

At this stage, anyone who has the organism, which scientists refer to as HIV infection, will have nothing to fear because such a one can lead longer healthier years as long as the person takes the enhancement supplements referred to as antiretrovirals on a regular basis, especially the first five years after coming into contact with the organism, not skipping a dose and strictly adhering to timing of administration. The antiretrovirals are upgraded annually after the twentieth year. Everything was planned by Njengo. All the formulas were released by him through various scientists in different countries, most of them members of an order of “nobles”, he founded about 500yrs ago.

In the forty-ninth year, which is the jubilee of demons, the final part of the plan will be released in the form of vaccines and total cure. Anyone that accepts the vaccine will have vampire blood in him cause the vaccine has to be produced by the organism. Whoever is given the total cure, will only be having vampire cell enhancers in his system that will enable him to live for several hundred years! The vaccines are good and can protect, but they will enable an individual to live for only two hundred years. It’s only those that have lived with the organism for a minimum of ten years and on regular Arv that are certain to live as long as any vampire, after receiving the cure!

The people that had to die from the epidemic at the beginning of Njengo’s effort were casualties he deeply felt their unavoidable deaths which was for the preservation of a much larger population. It may take Maadeh scores of years to forget the first victim whom they picked one late evening in Queens at the Parsons Boulevard/78th street bus station, a handsome colored drummer with a musical band that plays in the “Metro Club” not far from the bus station. She had made several advances on him which he politely turned down and when she found out he was gay, she loathed him.
On that fateful evening, it was not him that they came for, they only decided to pick their first victim in Queens and after driving for a while in the borough, they went to Maadeh’s former apartment, where they met new occupants. Since it was dusk, they decided to pick their victim at the station. When they got there, Maadeh saw the drummer boy talking with an elderly white man and she became angry and decided he has to pay for being the only man on earth that scorned her beauty. She told Njengo and he consented, so he left her there and promised to pick her in an hour. She walked up to them, said hello, took the drummer boy aside and because she has become a vampire, she compelled him to follow her. They left the white man, walked to a motel on Parsons blvd where she paid for a room. When they got into the room, she sexually availed herself with him for thirty minutes, then she injected him with the blood from a syringe that was in the pocket of her jacket. When she walked out of the room, he was already asleep and when he woke up, he didn’t know how he got to the motel or what happened. The white man at the station became infected the next day by Laukwadak (the drummer’s name in his native African language. His father migrated to the U.S. thirty five years ago from a tribe called “Tangale” in Nigeria and married a Mexican immigrant. Laukwadak, often called “Kwadak” is the first of eight children and the first to die in the family).

It was willingly that Maadeh agreed to be turned into a vampire for the progress of the project. Both of them are still in the Bronx apartment and will soon complete their work, after which they intend to make “Peace” there next mission, then “Establishing Communications with the Dead”, “Space Travels” etc.

People living with vampire blood or HIV that have taken Arv regularly for up to five years, from the twentieth year after it’s release, will always look young, fresh and a lot healthy. They will hardly fall sick and no illness can persist for long in their systems, even wounds or cuts on their body heals faster than on those that are presumed to be healthier!”. However, to attain a youthful extraordinary life that will last hundreds of years beyond two hundred, an individual has to be on regular Arv for ten years from the twentieth, before taking the complete cure, which in reality is not a cure but the final stage of the transformative process!
That which caused so much sorrows shall now be sought after, even desperately! The organism will not be transmissible easily after it’s transition because the viral load will be compressed, then moved from the blood to the bone marrow where it will commence cell renewal process! Those who already have the virus will outlive the ones that don’t, unless they pay for the costly surgery that will enable them to have the Veeblood. People living with HIV are undergoing a sort of DNA transformation!

From stigmatization to forceful acceptance and finally envied!!!

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