If you are a Nigerian, wherever you are, irrespective of your level of faith and religious background, read this prayer and if you agree, simply comment “Amen” and it shall be as stated thus;

“May any person(s) in authority using the current COViD-19 situation to enrich himself/herself by diverting funds or supplies meant for public use, thus causing the dead, or worsening the conditions of fellow Nigerians be afflicted with an instant nemesis of disgrace and sudden death”.

“May anyone that try to take advantage of people’s suffering due to the COViD-19, by causing more sorrows to the people be met with instant reprimand and shame. May such a one be stripped of all that he/she has and live in poverty for seven years”.

“May all the sponsors of Boko haram be made public, disgraced and die within seven days from the day of this prayer”.

May all those who are making positive selfless efforts to bring an end to the COViD-19 Pandemic and terrorism worldwide be rewarded multiple times over by Providence.

This prayer is a dangerous prayer” that requires only your “Amen” to be effective!
If the human lives wasted because of selfish and wicked intentions of some of our leaders and those in authority mean anything to you and if you don’t support the evil going on, comment with an “Amen”.

P.s. An online midnight outcry will be on the way soon, where participation will require only an “Amen”.

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