Don’t give up on life, no matter the circumstances or situation. Remind yourself that nothing lasts forever, believing that whatever difficulty you might be facing must surely come to an end. Nothing is new under the sun, your sorrows can never be the worst, nor your pleasures the best ever!


Always know that faith is an object of things hoped for! Whatever you desire in life, hope for it and it shall be yours, as long as you believe in yourself! The workings of faith does not require religious consciousness, but a pure heart!


It is true that religion is the opium of the masses, because it promotes adherence to faith based teachings, which gives a sort of comfort to most poor folks, kindling hope for something to live for. If the masses can use as much faith as they invest in their religious practices on themselves, most, if not all the problems they have will easily be overcomed.
Religion has become something else, it has turned a lot of adherents into illiterates, robbing them of common sense and the ability to even practically apply the teachings thereof on their day to day functions, which is not the grand purpose for it.
Religion is supposed to be an organised way of life based on supernatural moral conducts for better living, that will enhance a positive relationship between the Creator and the created, but most religious leaders, seeing the opportunity for power, have manipulated it into a cult like activity, sometimes even fetish, just for their personal ambitions!


It is time for people to understand that hope and faith are natural human dispositions which does not require any religious platform to thrive upon!
Never give up in your pursuits, as long as they are positive, you shall prevail, but no matter how much hope or faith you can muster, if your heart is set on evil or any negative venture, you will surely fail! If you are bad and are on top, or you see an evil person there, those limited pleasures are actually the lowest and a very sad point of failure!

One thought on “FAITH AND HOPE

  1. Excellent post full of wise words. Religious leaders have overused their power especially with illiterate people they have nothing to prove for themselves but dependent on the lies used to control them. You are right faith and hope have nothing to do with religion it is our state of mind. Bless you.


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