Why Do You Worship God?

Why Do You Worship God?


Ever wondered why you or any other person worships God? How do you feel and act when you are in a place of worship? Do you see the act (worship) as an automatic thing, or are you doing it out of conviction, for a reward, or you just needed an identity, or a cover for some detestable deeds you are doing?

Is there any supernatural force or link to our acts of worship? Does our being created in the image and likeness of God has anything to do with our general human conducts? Will it make sense to conclude that worship is a subconscious involuntary act that every human being does in one form or the other, and when such (worship) is directed towards our relationship with God, it is a desperate desire of our spirits to attain perfection, or the fullness of it’s function (Godhead)?

Most people go to places of worship for various reasons, some don’t know why, they even think they are just following the crowd! What truly draws or make people to seek God is an INNER YEARNING FOR SELF FULFILMENT (PERFECTION)!

May all our acts of worship open our eyes and minds to understand who we are (humans) and the purpose for our existence!