When things keep falling apart for us and in place for others

When we know about life’s joys only on the face of those that feel it

When every day we pray and fast, but seemingly to a deaf deity

When every tear we shed bore holes in our hearts

Will you boldly look into our eyes and say God is neither partial nor selective?

How much of our sins are beyond redemption and how unsinning are you?

When God moves among our anguished and perplexed dreams, what sorrows does He feel?


Someday, we shall go the way of the world to a patient ever anxious mother, each with his treasured fantasies that was savored only in daydreams!

We shall only be remembered as someone else’s story because we walked certain paths together while yet awake

And on judgment day, as if we have not had enough of it while here, some of us will be cast into hell!

Those whose dreams were picked for God by angels don’t even die, for while they sleep undisturbed eternally, their stories shall be spoken of as histories!!!

What now is our function upon this earth other than to watch the sons of God ravished the universe as we feed it with our imaginations?

4 thoughts on “THE SONS OF GOD!

  1. Their motion is everlasting Nanette, because when they die, they go to heaven and memories of their lives on earth will always live on, as stories of their deeds will be told till the earth cease to be!


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