Pride And Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice   Oh ye that build houses of mud, clay and bricks Do ye know that thy last and final house on earth is the grave? And Shall ye that kill not die? So it is that all shall die even as Methuselah did! For All mankind are worm and dust and to […]

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Project…   Have you ever considered yourself as a project, or program? You are a part of the process for continuity of the survival of life, or in Gibran’s words “Life’s longing for itself” How best have you availed yourself for this project? As you are, do so also… Create projects and programs that will […]

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Voices   What is special about a voice? Is it the tone, or the value of spoken words, or just the sound produced? Whenever we speak, do we consider the effects of our voice, or do we just speak to communicate? And when we sing… Does our voices have powers of its own, or is […]

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MAXIMIZING THE HUMAN POTENTIAL   It is impossible to reach the highest level of human potentiality because a human being is a limitless spirit of absolute capabilities! It is just like saying it’s possible to exhaust God. Man is a god, but he is not God! The later created the former with all His attributes! […]



LAZINESS I’m in a lazy mood! A lazy way to make a testimony on laziness is claim it as “the unwillingness to do anything at the right time the proper way!” So brief a testimony! The attitude of laziness easily compels us to cut corners, give bribes, practice corruption and all such things we assumed […]

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