YOUR SECRET DREAM?   You tremble at the sight of me Whenever we are together, your gaze is forever on the floor instead of trying to catch my eyes! Your voice turned to soft tones of whispers in an effort to say my name Just once, I said to you “I love you” You ran […]



LAZARUS…   Lazarus was four days old in the grave, when The Lord Jesus asked for the gravestone to be rolled back and then He called out Lazarus’ name! He had started to decay, but Lazarus came out of the tomb alive, whole with flesh and bones intack! God’s ways are not as man’s! What […]

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CHOSEN TO GIVE   God has blessed us with enough providence Strength and wealth To bear our burdens and of others No trial or temptation can be beyond us When we give freely It is as if the hand of God is stretched along ours! A privileged disposition… To be so chosen Sharing the gifts […]

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Innocence…!   Large brown eyes Gullible looking Small eyeballs Long lashes Innocence, innocence That’s what I thought Oh what mischief In those eyes What treachery Shrouded by those Long long lashes How wildly Those small eyeballs Dart to and fro Casting dubious glances concealed by a well rehearsed “Innocent” smile! Yet… In my arms She […]

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STRANGE MAGIC!   Such a strange phenomenon I thought I would melt at the sight of you Rather you melted Building a cloud of smoke in my fantasies Intoxicating me with your poison Your magic is strong Why when I look into your eyes I see tears and laughter? You could be my doom or […]

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SERENDIPITY How often must human beings be reminded that “Time” and “Chance” can happen to anyone, wherever he/she might be? How wisely do we use our opportunities? How frequently have we scorn and neglected those not privileged as we are? Which dynasties are everlasting? Is salvation restricted? Believe it or not, life and all therein […]



SOME WORDS…   Loneliness is when every sound you hear is boring! Learn to be your own best friend… There is music, laughter and wonderful stories within you. It takes only a little effort to be able to know and enjoy the companionship of the world inside thyself! Look carefully within and begin to live… […]

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