PRAYER, PRAISE AND WORSHIP   If it is true that God created “EVERYTHING” in Heaven and Earth, then everything therein belongs to Him! If He made man in His image and likeness and placed him (man) in the world to represent Him (God) by looking after all the things on Earth, does man really have […]



PRAISE AND WORSHIP…   How best do we express gratitude? What lays in the depth of silences? Can words be understood even when not spoken? What is revealed when men are praised? If you can praise and worship such a one as you (human being), what act think ye best for the supreme immortality, the […]


Thunder In My Heart!!!

Thunder In My Heart!!!   It’s not my fault I didn’t see her first! My heartbeat increased in thunderous protrusions What could I be feeling? As if I care if it is love, or lust!! All I know is the tugging that is almost overwhelming my soul!!!     Image Credit: Google Pictures …

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Heaven!!! Will I ever forget that day? My eager ogling orbs met hers (soft, almost searching) What happened? So much magic The power in her eyes overshadowed her aesthetics The purity of her soul was like a physical entity I could almost touch…! Tell me about soft soothing music and I will tell you what […]

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The Act Of Life

The Act Of Life What role begets thy breath? What thinkest thou of thine existence? Ain’t all of us actors upon this stage? Humans, animals, all created things The whole world.. Who are the spectators? I wonder how heaven watches What breathtaking pleasures our trials and temptations are causing… Oh, such as our lives are… […]

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HIGHEST WALL! Why would you think I could endure your bullying? You kept threatening and I keep watching What was your thought when you ran me to the highest wall I have ever seen? Perhaps I could scale it? No, I’m not agile enough Or maybe give up by bending the knee for you? I […]

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