POSTERITY   This world may be a temporary abode We may be pilgrims upon this earth But… Look around you What have you done to/with your transit point? How much beauty, or ashes have you created for a legacy? Temporary, or permanent, posterity will always reward our actions…

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Different Paths…

Different Paths…   We have had our best moments of friendship We loved each other dearly like there will never be another opportunity! We had each other and that was what mattered!! But now We both have taken different paths… Still the memories we had lives on!!!

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ANOTHER goddess

ANOTHER goddess! Was it spoken of somewhere? The tenderness, the calmness It was so pure I could taste it! Such sonorous warmth Where else could your origin be? Something from the ethereal… And yet more Your beauty is overwhelming!! .OF THE goddess… All my friends and family members Even those that know me and the […]

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RACISTS’ HONOUR!   The Aryans! Is there really a superior race? Those truly created in God’s image!! Blessed forever according to the order of Melchizedek… They get the best out of life Effortlessly always on top of everything… What about us, other races? They said blacks are fit only for slavery A curse? Where is […]

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