The “Life Force”

The “Life Force” Every life is a fragment of eternity in the collective soul of the “Life Force”! It is amazing to know and be able to live forever! Where is the heart of your pleasures? Feed the “Life Force”!

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Storms… Never ever be discouraged by the storms of life, for the tougher and more difficult the road is, the stronger and more resilient you will be with every step you take!

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When Ye Pray…

When Ye Pray… When ye pray Say ye thus; “Oh Divine Providence May thou continue to turn things and circumstances to my favor, to the dismay of my enemies and rivals! May Thine Holy peace so filled my being that anywhere I am, I shall radiate the beauty of Heaven!! Make mine heart a garden […]

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Glorious Paths?

Glorious Paths? Know ye paths so glorious, yet untravelled? Where are the keys to the keep of the secret treasures of life? Have you yet fathom the depths of your potentialities? Tell me, oh stranger Who, or what is humankind?

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