Life and death compliment the other, for non can be without the other! Death might be seen as a dreadful darkness, which is why sorrow trails it wherever it occur, but death is the point where our spirit souls get elevated for higher functions!

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Meditation is a non scientific process of total cleansing of the body and soul, preparatory to prayer.
Meditation improves the health and general well being of an individual. Apart from peace of mind, it also makes an individual to be confident and sure of himself/herself!

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FARMERS WOES! Global Warming/GMO’s?

The rains are still falling and the month of October practically gone! This out of season natural activity is giving a lot of farmers in my area concern, some are heartbroken, cause they obtained loans for the farming! Rice farmers are not too worried about the rains, but the way a particular type (Jamila rice) was drying before harvest! Could this be the effects of global warming and GMOs’

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