BIRTH OF THE HEAVENS!   It has great beauty So much power and glory! The best birth ever… It became human with the loveliest eyes ever Such purity of heart… Oh, what an awesome thing it is to feel and hear her sing Was it not heaven when we both said our first “I love […]



BEAUTY OF LIFE! The best thing about life is having it, even if it is only for a minute! All its moments are timed in eternity The first breath gives it unending purpose A portion of the Creator’s plan for the universe… Revel in whatever you do Your existence is a Holy situation… The moment […]

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When You Sing…

WHEN YOU SING…   When you sing… From the hair on my head To the soles of my feet Every bit of me trembles with pleasure! The cells of my body down to my marrow Such comfort for my soul Are there troubles and sorrows your voice cannot overwhelm? Sing on Angel girl…

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SHORT WALK   It was a short walk… It was an ordinary walk… Indeed it was… Just the two of us The distance meant nothing Every step we took was like a walk in Paradise! Although we didn’t hold hands There was no way we could ignore the magical presence of the other!! Our involuntary […]

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Threshold Of Thy Holy Heart

Threshold Of Thy Holy Heart   Show me the paths to The Threshold Of Thine Holy Heart! I want to exist in the perfection of Thine Glory For I desire not to break in the harshest of storms The worst tsunamis… I want to enjoy life with my heart full of praise and worship of […]

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