A Nomad Of Eternity…

A Nomad Of Eternity…   Today is my birthday! The years have piled and are still rolling… Upon the heaps my story stands, I have no regrets I know and believe that it is The Desires of God in me that always desireth And It is The Will of God in me that always willeth!! […]

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Different Paths…

Different Paths…   We have had our best moments of friendship We loved each other dearly like there will never be another opportunity! We had each other and that was what mattered!! But now We both have taken different paths… Still the memories we had lives on!!!

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DOING BAD THINGS!   Often, we do bad things not because we want to, but because at that time, it(bad) seemed to be the best or only available option, which makes the act situational. Poverty, which in truth is the state of a mind is the major cause of compromise when it comes to taking […]


Facing Problems

Facing Problems Since the beginning of all vices is the home and it is true that the family is partly responsible for character formation of an individual, if a person is born with negative characters will he remain that way forever, since his situation is supposedly hereditary? It is possible to be born with bad […]

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What Motivates Our Actions?

What Motivates Our Actions?   When folks do the things they do (right, or wrong, which either case is situational) When there are those who having shelter is a comfort cause they do not know when, or where their next meal will be? Could wrongful acts be truly bad? What choices were given to those […]

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