Not like any other!

Not like any other! So much poise, regal like a Queen This is the fashion of dreams Even if I have doubts… Even if I don’t believe her… She is so sweet… Her sonorous voice almost lulling me to sleep… Was it not the abundance of her heart that formed the words “I love you” […]

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                           ONE MORE POEM   It was casually said Will it be the last? She said “write one more poetry for me!” What is there in the lines she wishes to see? Could be my boyish infatuations… Perhaps the way I describe her […]

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LOVE Markings…!

LOVE Markings…   Mine are more unique than any you can ever have I shall make a stamp upon your heart Creating pleasures even beyond your imaginings… I shall give your fantasies the power to wonder, when my fingers run over your beautiful body And It shall be Avalon of dreams for you!! My tongue shall […]

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