Your Eyes…

Your Eyes…   They are not distant eyes Nay sad, nor piercing I can feel the tenderness beneath the lashes Yes Those eyes! What purity is this? Is it angel eyes? Heaven on my mind The beauty of your soul is thus beheld!! Even in my sleep I feel the softness Awake I bedeviled my […]

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BEAUTY OF LIFE! The best thing about life is having it, even if it is only for a minute! All its moments are timed in eternity The first breath gives it unending purpose A portion of the Creator’s plan for the universe… Revel in whatever you do Your existence is a Holy situation… The moment […]

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NATURE’S BEST!   Those little things we ignore Everything around us Beauty hidden in between the lines Puppies in peaceful slumber A toddler’s smile Mountains in their endless tranquility The ripple of a stream at night The sound of rushing waves The colors of the rainbow What have we not done? We ignored every moment […]

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POSTERITY   This world may be a temporary abode We may be pilgrims upon this earth But… Look around you What have you done to/with your transit point? How much beauty, or ashes have you created for a legacy? Temporary, or permanent, posterity will always reward our actions…

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