BLESSED BY THE “gods!!!”

I have been in and out of love a million times over, my heart broken and trampled countless times!
Now is another season to love again, oh blessed gods !

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CAN AGAPE LOVE WORK?   AGAPE That we should love without caring if it is appreciated or not, to just give without caring if we are given back in return as a reciprocal favor or not! To love without conditions! HARAMBE This one says to bless all those who curse you! That you should do […]


GIVE AND ye shall be given!

¬†GIVE AND ye shall be given!   We are all receivers! Why hold back what you have been given? It is not for thee to keep It is in our benevolence that we get more blessings… When we learn to share… When we accept that we are only but channels through which Providence express it’s […]

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