ONE DAY OF BLISS! I want all of you to be mine Just this one day! I want to savor your beauty… Oh, that you could drown my loneliness!! Could love cost a cent? I waited so long, hoping to be a good thing in another’s fantasies… You are here What dreams do you desire […]

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                   OF “FOOTPRINT’S”   That I am weary and tired of living makes it obvious for there to be only one set of footprints along my life’s path, the one belonging to The Lord, being that He now carries me in His arms. I don’t have to […]

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WHERE IS GOD?   Are illusions also a form of reality, if dreams are fantasies? What is reality and unreality? It is said of “change” to be permanent and “time” the fixer of everything! THIS LIFE Everything just happens the way it wants to! Nearly nothing makes sense again. The days seemed to be running […]

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LIES OF THE HEART! Who could believe you would so soon become a memory? We loved each other so much… It was eternity for us… You left Another came It was all bliss and beauty Like you never existed! Her exit uttered in another!! How much of Paradise is my life can best be imagined!!! […]

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