Greed Begets Poverty!

It’s greed that has caused a lot of people to be living below human standards! Greed begets poverty!!

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Only a coward runs here and there making noise, while real men are in the battlefield!

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FAMILY BASICS 3   Although it is rare, children are also capable of destroying their parents. This happens when a child keeps receiving without any thought to give and when the giver gets tired and stop giving, the receiver being a minor, will become rebellious and eventually destroy the giver. It is also possible for […]

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FAMILY BASICS 2   The family is a complex organisation to deal with. At some point, parents were also children. What sort of background dominated their past? Was their upbringing excellent? What about parents that were torn at childhood? Will their actions towards their children be characterized by the way their own parents or guardians […]

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FAMILY BASICS Research has shown that the formation of an individual’s character, emotional development and future prospects is largely dependent on the family and home environment, as the basic background. This makes the family and home environment the major catalyst in every life situation. Every individual starts his life process as a child, of which […]



LIVE FOREVER!   Would you live forever or you will rather live for the moment? Oh, my fellow human beings, how badly we lust after power and acquire riches as if we will take them along to the hereafter. A lot of people seek for and pile wealth so that their children or relations will […]

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