LOVE is like a butterfly…

LOVE is like a butterfly…   Pick one (butterfly) and take a good look at it, if possible, keep it for some days, or look for where you can always find them and observe how they do their things. I do not know much about butterflies, but I know there are different types with different […]

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MOMENTS OF MY HEART   Such an obstacle, distance is! “garin masoyi ba ya nisa” It eats my soul those long lonely nights How long will it be before the distance cease to be? …everyday without ending, the moments of my heart paints colors of you I want you here, my love. Chatting with you […]


Stories Of Our Lives!

Stories Of Our Lives!   There is a story in every moment of our lives Every sound, every gesture, just everything we do are beautifully woven lines of the drama we live. The sights we see are awesome colors that are truly wonderful! Tell me a story from the songs in your dreams!  

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