LOVE THIEVES!!!   I will whisper your name in these lines Not in between In the appropriate place, I will say it with the sound of a pin-drop! No matter how you strained your ears You will never hear it… Are we not in this adventure because we are both pledged elsewhere? But we loved […]

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Love Is Taunting Me…

Love Is Taunting Me…     Love is taunting me, daring to enslave my emotions! Such lure, worth trying… As if I have a choice!! Can anyone/anything stand in the way of love? Wait till it finds thee worthy, then try to resist if thou can… This taunt is just a game… Toying with my […]

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HUNTING CUPID!   I feel like going for a hunt To seek for Cupid Not for a kill, but for patronage! A search might not work cause he may be hiding But intimidation, yes, it is the way of the gods It’s been too long since he came to my dreams Could my limbs be […]

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                                BLIND GIRL Open your eyes… Can you not see that I have fallen in love with you? Does it cost much to practice little acts of kindness? You must have seen… You ought to know… Do not pretend that […]

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ANOTHER LOVE POEM   I want to write a love poem My heart is anxious to experience the feeling again! Where has love gone to? Will the days come again? I need sunshine I want to bubble with romantic energy I want my eyes to smile even in the darkest of nights How long must […]