Life and death compliment the other, for non can be without the other! Death might be seen as a dreadful darkness, which is why sorrow trails it wherever it occur, but death is the point where our spirit souls get elevated for higher functions!

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The day of the Christening of the giant light that illuminate and give energy to the earth, ” Sun’s Day !” May light eternal, the Spirit of God Almighty whose brightness is more than a million suns, fill and overwhelmed the universe… Amen!

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WHEN DESPAIRING…   Sometimes things get so hard and out of hand that it is said “letting go” is the best way out! But What if after “letting go”, the situation still persist? The wise said anything that reached an elastic limit must break if the pressure prevails! When things get broken, what happens? There’s […]


The Living And The Dead!

  The Living And The Dead!   Talk not to me of the dead Are we (the living and the dead) not part of the spirit that is known as life? Are the dead not also the living? The circle It starts when the breathe in our human frame was formed and when the breathe […]

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Lifting Up

Lifting Up   Where there is a casting down There is going to be a lifting up Even at the lowest points! Just know there, is the highest point The law of nature must hold true Darkness must give birth to light Death will yield to life

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