LAZARUS…   Lazarus was four days old in the grave, when The Lord Jesus asked for the gravestone to be rolled back and then He called out Lazarus’ name! He had started to decay, but Lazarus came out of the tomb alive, whole with flesh and bones intack! God’s ways are not as man’s! What […]

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SOME WORDS…   Loneliness is when every sound you hear is boring! Learn to be your own best friend… There is music, laughter and wonderful stories within you. It takes only a little effort to be able to know and enjoy the companionship of the world inside thyself! Look carefully within and begin to live… […]

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Is Poetry Dying?

Is Poetry Dying?   Poetry is no longer spoken with joy on the lips of men Lovers don’t feel ashamed of the falsehood in their hearts Although there abound wonderful poets Could the death of poetry thus begin? If I borrow my voice to the wind Who will hear my wails? Two jubilees, one silver […]

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PUSHED TO WALL!   What happens when a person is pushed to a very high wall he can’t climb over, nor run alongside because it is at an angle and there is no where to go? It is obvious for the person to either push back or beg for freedom! If the antagonist is not […]



                           ONE YEAR AGO!   One year ago, you were a human being like us One year ago, you were breathing like we do One year ago, you walked this earth like we do One year ago, you were a human guardian/parent It […]

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