If THIS IS LOVE, so be it!

Love is said to be in the heart of only those it deems worthy of itself.
That I am in love is indication of my worthiness!

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A Nomad Of Eternity…

A Nomad Of Eternity…   Today is my birthday! The years have piled and are still rolling… Upon the heaps my story stands, I have no regrets I know and believe that it is The Desires of God in me that always desireth And It is The Will of God in me that always willeth!! […]

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REBUILD THE TOWER Of BABEL!!!   UNITY Why was the building of the tower of Babel discontinued? Simple answer is, “to disunite mankind”! Why was that necessary? Another simple answer is, “so that mankind cannot be able to achieve whatever he set in his heart/mind to” Could unity be a bad thing? No! But it […]



ABSTRACT…   I have seen the best of the best Try as hard as I can I could even be what I want to see I could go to heaven if I want Yet God refused to surface! And now… And all I want, all I desire is you!!   /Infolinks.com, 3191316 , DIRECT rubiconproject.com, 20322, […]

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