What Motivates Our Actions?

What Motivates Our Actions?   When folks do the things they do (right, or wrong, which either case is situational) When there are those who having shelter is a comfort cause they do not know when, or where their next meal will be? Could wrongful acts be truly bad? What choices were given to those […]

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MAN AND MONEY! MAN When God was done with creation, He decided to appoint an overseer over all the created things, to which He “made” man. This He did by moulding the man out of the Earth and forming him in His image and likeness, thus giving man all the glory of God! Man is […]

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MONEY CURSE!   Money is earth’s god! Looking for a troubled or a heart full of sorrows? Look into an empty pocket… Do you know the truly sick? Seek for him without a penny!! What can we do without money, since even (“love”) is for sale? Our worries are due to lack of gold, and […]

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