LOVE Markings…!

LOVE Markings…   Mine are more unique than any you can ever have I shall make a stamp upon your heart Creating pleasures even beyond your imaginings… I shall give your fantasies the power to wonder, when my fingers run over your beautiful body And It shall be Avalon of dreams for you!! My tongue shall […]

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                BOLD, BEAUTIFUL AND YOUNG!   Too beautiful to be real! The first day I saw you, my thoughts were scattered Were you a stray goddess on our planet? Your looks fit only places like Avalon Yet you are here I even held and kissed you Such memories can […]


Irresponsible Lover!

Irresponsible Lover! This is funny… You have made it clear is not me that you want, you keep avoiding me at every possible opportunity, and because I am not desperate, I made sure you succeeded! Yet… There are things that trouble me, which I hope irritates you, cause it often make me feel irritated! It’s […]

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Drumbeats… In your wanderings… Ever thought of the power in fantasizes? Channel your imaginations inwards Eventually Your dreams are on the way to my heart’s keeping! So much joy… The “Faith” in you anxiously desire to be released!! Didn’t you hear the drumbeats?

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