Building Castles!

Building Castles!   It can be in the air, on a rock with a seaview, or in a valley with a mountain view Some are beautiful, others magnificent But all are castles built with money, or imagination! The perfect ones can only be a result of fantasies Yet it is possible to live in any […]

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Love Letter

Love Letter   Dearest, This is my first love letter to you! As you read it, probably over and over, I want you to understand that as in a certain song of years past by Giggles, titled “Love letter”, written by Eddie Mercado, Zahid Tariq, Todd Terry, Deborah Lopez and Maria Respeto, “my days are […]

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LOVE Markings…!

LOVE Markings…   Mine are more unique than any you can ever have I shall make a stamp upon your heart Creating pleasures even beyond your imaginings… I shall give your fantasies the power to wonder, when my fingers run over your beautiful body And It shall be Avalon of dreams for you!! My tongue shall […]

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